G285100Lifting Handle - Black

G285100 Black Handle

Lifting Handle for Residential Doors (Install with 2x G14028 - Not Included)

Material: ABS, Black
Weight: 0.06kg


Unit: Piece (1)

G669SCylinder Lock

G669S Cylinder Lock

Cylinder lock
surface-mounted, black
burglar-resistant, deflection 85mm

Material: Galvanised Steel, Black Coated
Weight: 1.85kg

Internal Image:
G669S Cylinder Lock Internal

External Image:
G669S Cylinder Lock External


Unit: Set (1)

GC60-4501-1Euro Cylinder for Cylinder Lock

GC60 4501 1 Euro Cylinder

Euro Cylinder Lock c/w 3 Keys to Suit Cylinder Lock - G669S

51mm (Offset 1) x 10mm (Offset 2) x 61mm (Overall Length)


Unit: Piece (1)

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