OSA Door Parts is an established market leader in the supply of a range of Industrial Doors and components. With a reputation spanning over 15 years you can be assured of receiving the highest quality products and service.

Over our lifetime we have continually invested in new product lines for our customers based on their requirements & this has helped us secure a successful customer base throughout the UK. Our Management Team has a wealth of experience gained from different sectors of the Industrial Door Trade which we utilise to improve our products and services on offer.

OSA thrives on challenging projects & we are happy to accommodate individual project needs, we will work alongside you to ensure that we can supply products to your specific requirements. OSA is a trade only supplier, we will not supply to end users, and as such you can be assured that we will never be in competition for business.


OSA has a dedicated team available to answer any queries you may have pushing us to the forefront of the Industrial Door Trade through impeccable service and product quality. We have a very low staff turnover which means you can rely on a high standard of experience and in-depth knowledge on all our products.

A crucial part of our service is onsite technical support and training programmes we run for our trade customers. Years of experience in the trade means our team have a wealth of knowledge available to you during installation, maintenance and repair of all our products.

OSA Currently supply to the trade

Industrial Sectional Overhead Doors

Sectional Garage Doors

Angel Mir - High Speed Doors

Angel Mir - Dock Shelters

Angel Mir - Dock Levellers

Industrial Door Panels

Repair Materials for Industrial Doors

Residential Door Panels

Residential Door Panels

Angel Mir - Door Parts

Steel Hinged Door Sets

Industrial Doors Technical Support & Training

At OSA Door Parts, we listen, we understand and we construct bespoke doors to your exact specifications without delay at the right price.

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