The OSA dock shelters from Angel Mir – Portes Bisbal SL stand out for their resistance and because they meet all requirements thanks to the different models available, which can be adjustable, retractable and flexible. We have a dock shelter for every application!

When the vehicle arrives into the frame of the loading dock shelter, the flexible top and side curtains seal the air intake and/or the outer elements during the loading and unloading process. 

Thanks to their stable and reinforced structure, the dock seals are capable to withstand impacts and wear caused during the normal operation of the loading bay, and also potential tears that may arise from the wind movement. Furthermore, the pre-assembly system in the factory and the anchoring system to the structure make assembly and maintenance so much easier, with an average installation time of just 45 minutes for the AB Dock Shelter as the whole system is pre-mounted ready for fixing!

Range of Dock Shelters