The OSA loading dock levellers from Angel Mir – Portes Bisbal SL have been developed to compensate the gap between the loading dock and the vehicle, and to allow the access of trolleys and pallet trucks.

They are simple and quick to install and, as they are manufactured in different standard sizes, they fit to any premises, always ensuring total safety. The front of the lip is bent and bevelled to allow a better adjustment on the vehicle floor. The whole top sheet has a non-slip coarse surface to make it easier for the movement of any vehicle.

The dock levellers for loading bays are characterized for having a very intuitive operation easy to learn and for being very strong; the structure is designed to withstand sporadic loads greater than the usual ones, and admits up to 100mm cross-slope of the vehicle.

They are carefully designed according to the different requirements of each project. They can be manufactured with various kind of finishes: powder painted steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel or the mixed version of stainless and galvanized steel. The choice of the kind of material will depend on the day-by-day use and the environment where they will be installed, for example, areas at risk of corrosion or the use of harsh cleaning products presenting oxidation risks. 

Range of Dock Levellers