AB - Retractable Dock Shelter


The dock shelter is the essential complement in a loading bay. The shelter ensures a good thermal protection
and prevents air, water, gases, dust, insects, etc. entering.
The shelter model AB is extremely resistant to dampness, abrasion and aging caused by the radiation from the
The side walls are retracted by propulsion.

STRUCTUREIt is made up by the ceiling, the side walls, the external profiles and the internal chassis.
AB Structure

CURTAINSUpper curtain: Made with three pieces to adapt better to the incoming vehicle. Upper reinforcements to
increase the tear resistance due to the side wind.
Side curtains: Including reinforcements up and down to increase tear resistance.
AB Curtain Details


   AB Product Sizes

OTHER CHARACTERISTIC ELEMENTS / QUALITIES / OPTIONSCurtain tension system: Through replaceable elastic ropes and galvanized steel anchoring.
Impact absorption system: Galvanized steel retractable arms. Position recovery system using steel cables
and galvanized steel spring. This retractable system of impact absorption prevents damages in case the
vehicle hits the side.
The pre-assembly in the factory and the on-site anchoring system simplify both the assembly and the