Instant Roll

 Instant Roll

Indoor use Maximum sizes 5000 x 5000
Outdoor use Maximum sizes 4000 x 4000
Moderate wind pressure

CURTAINCanvas: Base technical fabric of high tenacity polyester impregnated with tinted PVC
Weight: 950 g/m2
Operating temperature -30 to +70º
Finish: shiny finish on both sides
Reaction to fire: Self-extinguishing M2
Colour: See Range
Cross bars for wind resistance:
In the standard configuration
Material: Tube in Fibreglass composite and polyester manufactured by pultrusion
Wind resistance:
Standard: Class 0 Doors over 4000 x 4000
Class 1 Doors up to 4000 x 4000
Socle: Galvanised steel tube 30 x 30 x 1.5
Bottom bag to adjust to the floor:
Material: Polyester reinforced fabric impregnated with PVC
Opening system with Velcro ® to access the contact bar and a radio band transmitter
Vision windows (optional):
In PVC crystal clear quality
All welds made on canvas, including connections with the windows are made by radio frequency welding

Galvanised steel painted with polyurethane paint coating two colour components RAL 7046
It can optionally be delivered with paint finish in RAL colour of choice
Legs - Guides
1.5 mm thick galvanized steel sheet, bent and profiled for a very tough column structure painted with 2-component polyurethane powder
Base of galvanised steel and painted with holes for floor fixing
Edges protected with nylon industrial brush on aluminium clamping profile to increase the air tightness and eliminate friction with the curtain
Transom: box-shaped galvanized steel 1.5 mm thick
Back cover to access inner mechanism easily
Side supports: profiles made with painted galvanised steel sheet that house the self-aligning ball bearings that support the shaft
Axis formed by:
Aluminium drums of 110 mm diameter - reinforcement radiuses and central hollow axis knot with keyway
Interior: solid galvanised steel profile of 25.4 mm
Head: On a light structure to maintain verticality
Feet: Anchored to ground and one or two intermediate depending on height and air pressure


Motor reducer
Irreversible motor reducer for heavy duty with mechanical position switches integrated
Solid shaft with elastic output coupling
Electric brake for accurate positioning and locking of the curtain
Electric brake manual release by a pulling cord
Manual opening system by hand crank
Voltage (V) Frequency (Hz): 3 x 230V 50 Hz
Power: 0.4 to 0.75 hp. According to door’s size
Protection: IP 54
Optional features:
Front motor with chain transmission
Motor lid cover in painted steel sheet in white “Pyrenees”

CONTROL PANEL. RSPVControls on outer lid: open and stop buttons & tension isolator
Programmable relay with status indicator display and mini buttons that reports about: position, type of failure and counter of operations
Pushbuttons to open and close by deadman contact and basic programming
Frequency converter: adjustable speed when opening and closing. Deceleration in the last stretch before full opening. Motor protection by over-consumption and lack of phase
Painted steel box with input and output gland
Protection: IP 65
Power supply:
230V single phase
Operation at 24V
Wiring from control panel box to motor, protected with an aluminium duct
Electrical data:
Voltage (V), Frequency (Hz): 2x 230V 50 Hz
Approximate consumption: 6 A. (based on average engine power and voltage)
Protection: IP 54
Electrical wiring to the box must be performed by an electrician and should be a protected installation in accordance with regulations and standards

Open: Up to 1 m / s
Slowdown in opening up: 0.6 m / s
Closing: 1 m / s
SECURITY SYSTEMS (In accordance with RD 1435/92)
Pedestrian security: Photocell with reflector placed on structure’s frame
Bottom of the curtain (leading edge) painted with diagonal safety stripes Yellow / Black
Anti-crushing: bottom safety bar by radio band
Signal flashing lights: Exterior and Interior

Our doors are manufactured according to the UNE-EN 12453:2001 and comply with: harmonisation directives 89/392/EEC, 91/368/EEC and 93/44/EEC, and with the Royal Decree 1435/92 and modification 56/95

They are tested and certified by a notified body in accordance with EN 13241-1

Special Requirements upon request